Why Design Build?

Advantages of Design Build

The advantages of time savings, monetary savings, and reduced litigation are achieved through the early involvement of the design build professional in the project. The building owner/occupant, designers, and constructors can work together to develop a plan that meets your needs today and into the future – and do it at an affordable price. Early cost input helps with the decision process.

What does it mean to choose a design/build firm for your project? A design build firm will provide you with design concepts, which will lead to design drawings and construction, all under one roof.

  • Fabulous Interior Designs has their own team of lead carpenters and each project is assign a team of carpenters/helper to be there from beginning to end.
  • We have structural engineers and architects for when a project requires such experts.
  • We pull all necessary permits and schedule all necessary inspections for your project.
  • We provide you with 3D renditions and live animation of your new space, so you can literally see the project come to life before any construction takes place. We provide you with more than one design concept. Once you select the design you like, we move into the finish selection.

We are here to help you with product and finish selections. Our interior design backgrounds make this phase of the project both exciting and fun (not all Design/Build firm have interior designers on their teams)! By the time, we are ready to move to construction, all the design decisions have been made, and all products have been ordered or are in production. We will not start a project while waiting for products, we would prefer having the cabinets of your new kitchen either on route or at our warehouse before we begin. Our goal is to spend the least amount of time disturbing your daily life, therefore, when we start a project, we have a schedule and we do our best to stick to it.

Time Savings

Monetary Savings

Reduced Litigation


Throughout the design process – from the initial program outline through the conceptual plans, preliminary plans, construction drawings and permitting – the design build professional can provide valuable input on material selection and construction methods and provide cost information to assist with the decision-making process. To effectively manage your project, the design build professional will provide the resources, ranging from other design specialists, engineers, specialty contractors and suppliers, who can provide the necessary input and expertise to ensure success.

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